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Layout Best Practices for New Restaurant Owners

It is easy to become overwhelmed when planning the layout of a new restaurant. No two restaurants are the same. The type of clientele, the design of the building and the intended atmosphere can all influence the choice of layout. There are some basic fundamentals, however, which should be followed when planning a layout.First, do not underestimate the importance of layout. Layout is one area which is frequently discussed in restaurant reviews. Not only is important to the diners at a restaurant, but it is important to the overall operations. If there is not adequate room for the servers to move in, the promptness of the meals can be impacted. On the other hand, there needs to be plenty of seating so that waits are minimized. A good layout can dramatically improve the revenue of an establishment, while a bad layout could have a strong negative impact.Next, the restaurant should be set up to encourage people to visit the area in which the most money can be made. This will depend on the type of restaurant. Some ...


Rewarding Your Customers With Loyalty Programs

Everyone has some idea of how a loyalty program for their business might work. Chances are very good that if you're reading this article, you've already thought about the logistics behind a loyalty program. Most people that have businesses hesitate to think about instituting a loyalty program for the simple reason that they are afraid of what it might do to their bottom line. This is not really the way to think in regards to a loyalty program though because you are giving up a little now to get a lot back later. Below are some other reasons that you should definitely consider instituting a loyalty program in your business.Everyone Else is Doing ItIf there is one reason that could be pointed to as being the single most convincing reason that anyone should ever need for rewarding their customers with a loyalty program, it should be the fact that everyone else is doing it too. When you are dealing with competition between businesses, someone offering a loyalty program is going to have a huge advantage in th...


Could an IPad POS App be the Software Solution For Your Food Service Enterprise?

Newer technologies are constantly changing and being introduced; that's unquestionable. What may be the most technologically profound thing today, could very well be obsolete come tomorrow. Such has been the dichotomy for many highly lauded business systems: as emerging technologies arrive, outdated versions that usually cost more and were not nearly as profound are replaced. With regard to POS systems, this pattern has been ushered in with the advent of the iPad POS App. Businesses have a new choice for their POS system, and one that doesn't cost and arm and leg, is effortless to use and has more bells and whistles. What is an iPad POS App? Approach the iPad POS system app as a micronized sales point solution that is controlled by a compact iPad computer. Since the these computers are more space-saving than older, bulkier sales point systems, they can be featured in more areas in an entity that has them in operation. These advanced types of software solutions use a very intuitive software application merged...


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